SSH Client for Windows
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6.1 ssh.exe - command line parameters

ssh.exe is the Private Shell command line SSH client. It is automatically installed with the GUI SSH client so it is always available after you have installed Private Shell. The main destination of ssh.exe is to be used with third-party applications like CVS.


    ssh.exe [options] [username@]host command


    --profile "profile name"

    Tells ssh.exe to use the username and the public key from "profile name" Private Shell profile. Example:

    ssh.exe --profile "My homepage" ls -al

    Note: you can set the "PRIVATESHELL_CLI_PROFILE" environtment variable to the name of the desired Private Shell profile which will be used by default if you do not specify another one in the options. Example:

    ssh.exe ls -al

    -l username

    Use a specified username instead of profile settings.

    -p port

    Connect to a specified port. If you do not specify the "-p" option, ssh.exe will try to connect to the default SSH port (22).


    Tells ssh.exe to prefer the public key authentication regardless of profile settings.


    Specifies the host ssh.exe will try to connect to. You can also specify the username (optionally) here.


    A command that you want to be executed on remote server.

Note: you may be asked to enter your password when executing ssh.exe if the profile you have selected requires it.

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