SSH Client for Windows
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3.4 Terminal

Terminal Settings


    Font name and size to display characters in the Private Shell terminal.

Enable bell (ASCII 7)

    Check this box to enable Private Shell to process the ASCII bell symbol (0x07).

Flash window title...

    If checked, the Private Shell terminal window title (and the corresponding taskbar button) will flash on incoming data (if the window is not active).

Disconnect confirmation

    Private Shell can ask user to confirm disconnection from the server. If you need such a confirmation when you disconnect from the server or close Private Shell window, check the corresponding box. Disconnect confirmation can be set for the terminal and SFTP windows separately. Please note, that Private Shell always ask user confirmation when closing the last window independently of these settings.

Close terminal window on OS logout

    If checked, Private Shell will automatically close the terminal window when you logout from the server (i.e. when you press "Ctrl-D" or type the "exit" UNIX command). Automatic window closure is performed only if the server gracefully ends the connection and there is no automatic reconnect option set for this case. Otherwise (if connection was terminated for some other reason or there is the reconnect option set) window remains open.


    When checked, Private Shell automatically puts selected text into clipboard right after you select it in the terminal window.

Clear selection if its text changed

    It is possible that text under selected area of the terminal window changes after you make the selection. If this option is checked, Private Shell clears selection when such changes occur.

Save text to scrollback on clear screen

    If this option is checked, Private Shell saves the current terminal screen into scrollback buffer before clearing it.

Window dimentions

    Terminal window layout size and screen buffer size. Buffer size means the number of text lines available by scrolling the window up and down.


  • Sizes are counted in characters.
  • Screen buffer size is not related to the session log file as the entire session is logged.


    Colors to display plain text, text under cursor, selected text, and errors.

Emulate terminal

    Choose a terminal to emulate.

Remote server uses code page

    Select a code page that is used by the server in order to display local characters correctly.

    Use the Other... item to select a code page from the list of all code pages available. Because of a large number of choices, you may need to consult your system administrator for a correct one.

Don't break words by these symbols

    If you double click the left mouse button within the terminal window, Private Shell selects the entire word you clicked on. By default Private Shell thinks that words can consist only of letters (A - Z) and digits (0 - 9). This option lets you place additional symbols that Private Shell considers as a part of a word.

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