SSH Client for Windows
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2.1 Installation Options


Disables the "This will install... Do you wish to continue?" prompt at the beginning of Setup.


Instructs Setup to be silent or very silent. When Setup is silent, the wizard and the background window are not displayed but the installation progress window is. When Setup is very silent the installation progress window is not displayed as well. Everything else is normal. For example error messages during installation are displayed and so is the startup prompt (if you haven't disabled it with the /SP- command line option explained above).

If a restart is necessary and the /NORESTART command isn't used (see below) and Setup is silent, it will display a "Reboot now?" message box. If it's very silent, it will reboot without asking.


Instructs Setup not to reboot even if it's necessary.


Instructs Setup to load the settings from the specified file after having checked the command line. This file can be prepared using the /SAVEINF= command as explained below.

Don't forget to use quotes if the filename contains spaces.


Instructs Setup to save installation settings to the specified file.

Don't forget to use quotes if the filename contains spaces.


Overrides the default directory name displayed on the "Select Destination Directory" wizard page. A fully qualified pathname must be specified.

/GROUP="folder name"

Overrides the default folder name displayed on the "Select Start Menu Folder" wizard page.


Instructs Setup to initially disable the "Don't create any icons" check box on the "Select Start Menu Folder" wizard page.

/COMPONENTS="comma separated list of component names"

Overrides the default components settings. Using this command line parameter causes Setup to automatically select a custom type.

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