SSH Client for Windows
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3.12 Scripting

Advanced: Scripting

Available scripts

    Shows all available scripts and hot keys assigned to run them. All Private Shell profiles share the same Private Shell scripts, but each profile can have its own hot keys assigned to run each script.

Hotkey 1 and Hotkey 2

    Allow to set hot keys for a selected script in the list (each script can have two different hot keys for convenience reason).

New script, Edit script, Rename Script and Delete script

    Allow to create new and modify, rename or delete existing script correspondingly. Creating new or modifying one of existing scripts brings out Private Shell script editor which is described here.


  • Physically, Private Shell script is an ordinary text file that is located by default in the C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Private Shell\Scripts\ folder (where <user> is your Windows user name). Script files location can be changed by modifying the pshell.ini file.
  • Private Shell Scripting, its capabilities and Private Shell script editor are described here.

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