SSH Client for Windows
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1.1 Private Shell Profiles

Private Shell stores all information about connections in profiles. Each profile can be used to establish connection with a certain remote server and log in as a certain user. To create a new Private Shell profile click the "Profiles" -> "New profile..." menu item and enter the name for the profile.

Private Shell has one special built-in "Default" profile. This profile contains the initial Private Shell settings and is used as a base when you create a new Private Shell profile. Advanced users can edit this profile, but it is not recommended for beginners since it contains appropriate settings for most of the SSH servers.

You cannot use the same profile to log in to the different servers or under multiple user names. Instead, you have to create as many profiles for as many server and user name combinations you want to use.

However, you can connect to a server without creating a profile. In this case, you will be using the settings of one of the existing profiles (e.g. the default profile's settings) but connect to a different server or under a different user name. This is useful when you need to connect to a server just once and do not want to create any profiles for this purpose.

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