SSH Client for Windows
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1.2 Connect Using Password Authentication

Password authentication is the basic type of SSH authentication. To connect to a server using a password, do the following:

  1. Run Private Shell
  2. In the Server Parameters dialog select one of the existing Private Shell profiles or select the default one and enter the server name (or server IP address) and your login into the Server name and the User name fields. Leave the Port number with the default value. The Authentication method should be set to Password:

    Server parameters

  3. Click OK
  4. Enter your password in the password prompt window:

    Password prompt

    Check the "Save password to the profile" box if you want this password to be saved in the currently used profile.

    Warning! Do not check this box if you are using the default profile! Default profile is used as a base for all other profiles and if you save a password to this profile, it will be used as default password for all profiles that you will create in future.

    Warning! Saving a password in the profile is not secure. Please, read more about the way Private Shell stores passwords here.

  5. If you decide to save a password to the profile you may be asked to enter the master password (please, read more about master password here):

    Master password prompt

    If you are saving your first password, you will be asked to the enter master password twice.

    For your convenience, you can put the master password into Private Shell Key Agent so you will not have to enter it every time it is needed (check the "Put master password into Private Shell Key Agent" box in this case).

    If you decide not to save the password to the profile at this step, you can click the "Do not save password" button.

    Please note, that the password is saved to the profile only if the connection attempt is successful (i.e. the correct password was supplied).

  6. Click the "OK" button.

If the profile you are using to connect to the server has saved password, you may be asked to enter the master password to decrypt it:

Master password prompt

You can check the "Put master password into Private Shell Key Agent" box to put the master password into Key Agent or click the "Skip" button to enter the password for this server manually.

If you experience problems connecting this way, consult your system administrator to check advanced settings.

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