SSH Client for Windows
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3.6 Printing Support

Secure FTP Settings


    Lets you choose a font for printing. You may use the same font as selected for the terminal ("Use terminal font" option, look the Terminal page to see how to change the terminal font) or select a different one ("Use custom font" option). In the latter case the typeface and the size of the font can be selected here.

Area to print

    Defines the area to be printed with the "Print" command. The available options are:
    • Visible area - print only what can be currently seen in the window.
    • Entire buffer - print the entire buffer. The size of the buffer is set in the Terminal page.
    • Current selection - print what is currently selected. If this option has been selected and the selection is empty when the Print command is executed, all visible area will be printed.

Printing properties

    Print in color - print text as color (if selected) or as black and white (if not).

    Print header on each page - print a page header on each page or only on the first page.

    Line wrap - wrap lines or print as they are.

Printing from remote system

    Private Shell supports remote printing. This allows the server you are connected to printing on your local printer. You can disable this feature, print on system default printer or select any other printer that is installed on your local computer.

Remote printing format

    Private Shell can send data recieved from the server directly to the selected printer (raw mode) or in the text mode. Selecting the raw mode requires that the server you are connected to knows the model of your printer, otherwise you may get unpredictable printout.

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