SSH Client for Windows
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1.6 Connect to the server via Telnet

Private Shell can be used to establish connection to a server via the Telnet protocol. Warning! Telnet protocol is insecure, so use it only if you exactly understand what you are doing, otherwise please use the SSH protocol.

To connect to a server via Telnet do the following:

  1. Start Private Shell.
  2. In the Server Parameters dialog select one of the existing Private Shell profiles or select the default one and change the Protocol combo to "Telnet" and then enter the server name or server IP address into the Server name field (optionally you can enter another port number if the server you are connecting to accepts telnet connections on port other than the default {23} one).

    Connect via Telnet protocol

  3. Click OK.
  4. Since telnet is not a secure protocol, all the authentication is left up to the server and is done in the terminal window.

    Connect via Telnet protocol