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Private Shell version history

Version 3.3 [August 17, 2014]

  • IPv6 support

Version 3.2 [April 26, 2013]

  • Disconnect confirmation setting on exit
  • Customizable window title
  • Fixed terminal window freezing on large amounts of data received on very fast networks

Version 3.1 [June 27, 2012]

  • Added terminal color schemes
  • Improvements and bugfixes

Version 3.0 [October 18, 2010]

  • Scripting added
  • SOCKS5 proxy support added
  • Many minor bugfixes (including double-byte symbols, etc.)

Version 2.2 [September 28, 2007]

  • Private Shell supports double-wide symbols.
  • Added rectangular selection to the terminal (hold Alt while selecting).
  • scp.exe can copy files with spaces in their names
  • Screen buffer content is preserved when shrinking the buffer and then enlarging it back.
  • Wrapped lines can be copied to the clipboard without breaking them.
  • Shift-Up/Down scrolls terminal by one line, Shift-Page Up/Page down scrolls terminal by one page.
  • Double click in terminal selects entire word (it is possible to specify additional characters that will be considered by Private Shell as a part of a word).
  • Added option that restricts SFTP client to the home directory only.
  • Environment variables can be used in the pshell.ini file (%VARIABLE%).
  • Remote folders are sorted by name in the tree view.
  • Shift-click extends the selection.
  • Added copy-on-select feature.
  • Private Shell can clear selection if it contents is changed.
  • Fixed 100% CPU usage issue when connecting to a communication device.
  • Fixed: Private Shell did not save tunnels when profiles were stored as files.
  • Private Shell warns if Scroll Lock mode is on.
  • SFTP GUI client can create remote directories.
  • It is possible to set print margins when printing terminal contents.

Version 2.1 [September 22, 2005]

  • Private Shell can be used as a terminal to connect to a computer serial port.
  • Added local file browser pane to the SFTP client.
  • Added disconnect confirmation.
  • Master password can be reset.
  • Major part of the Private Shell settings can be locked by administrator through the .ini file.
  • SFTP client may not show hidden files.
  • Profile management improved.
  • Minor GUI improvements.

Version 2.0 [May 20, 2005]

  • Added support of the "Keyboard-interactive" authentication method.
  • Added Telnet protocol support.
  • Custom keyboard mapping can distinguish application and normal modes of the cursor keys and numpad.
  • Added remote printing support.
  • Major GUI improvements.

Version 1.9 [January 27, 2005]

  • Security tokens support
  • Server passwords can be saved in profiles
  • Added text search in terminal buffer
  • SCP progress bar indicator
  • UI improvemets
  • Minor bugfixes

Version 1.8 [October 21, 2004]

  • Added SSH Keepalive feature to keep connection alive that works much better than TCP keepalives
  • Private Shell uses configuration file ("PShell.ini") to store some its settings (paths to user/host keys etc)
  • Settings export and import
  • Bell (ASCII 7) processing
  • Context right mouse button menu
  • File attributes dialog in SFTP
  • SFTP UI improovements
  • Fixed SSH.COM server rekey bug
  • Fixed minor bugs

Version 1.7 [April 21, 2004]

  • Added X11 tunneling (for both SSH1 and SSH2 protocols)
  • Added advanced reconnect options
  • Fixed possible Private Shell hangup due to connection break
  • Improved SSH channel coding (removed possible slightly oversized data packets)

Version 1.6 [January 08, 2004]

  • Private Shell Autoconfiguration Wizard. Set up the ssh client quickly and easily.

Version 1.5 [November 28, 2003]

  • Added multiple terminal types support (xterm, vt100, vt102, vt220, vt320, vt420).
  • Added 16-color attributes.
  • "TCP keepalives" and "Auto reconnect" options are saved properly to profile now.
  • Disconnecting on tunneling-only connections is now detected correctly.
  • Fixed: scp.exe (secure copy command line utility) could not rewrite existing file on remote server.
  • Fixed: scp.exe incorrectly stored files with ":" in their name on windows-machines.
  • Fixed: text disappeared in the terminal when adjusting its size.
  • Fixed: instant terminal color change when selecting another profile.
  • Lots of small improvements.

Version 1.4 [November 05, 2003]

  • Added the keyboard mapping feature.
  • Added the printing support.
  • SCP now supports national and some special symbols in remote file names.
  • Minor GUI improvements.

Version 1.3 [October 07, 2003]

  • Added the command-line secure copy utility (scp.exe)
  • Fixed the bug with displaying files in the Secure FTP client with the size of about 10 GBytes
  • Fixed the file list view overlap in the Small Icon mode
  • Secure FTP GUI improved

Version 1.2 [September 23, 2003]

  • SecureFTP (SFTP) client with Explorer-style user interface
  • Fixed the "Upload public key" problem
  • Added host name to the window title for easy navigation between connections

Version 1.0.2 (minor update)

  • Command line version displays a password prompt to STDERR, so it is visible when ssh.exe is being used by another application (such as CVS)
  • Fixed the black color problem in Terminal settings (appeared rarely)
  • Fixed the bug when only the first tunnel in the list worked.

Version 1.0.1 [May 09, 2003]

  • "Cancel" button works any time while logging in
  • User keys can be turned on/off for a specific profile
  • Disconnect message contains the last server reply (if any)
  • Private Shell Agent: the "Exit" button title changed to "Unload Agent"
  • Minor fixes

Version 1.0 Beta [April 05, 2003]

  • It is the first release available for the public. So no "what's new" updates are available.
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