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Private Shell F.A.Q. and troubleshooting

  The "Reconnect if connection is broken" feature doesn't work
This feature guarantees that the connection will be restored if it is broken by some technical failure (e.g. network failure). If the server you are connected to disconnects you because of some other reason (e.g. you logged out, the "sshd" process was killed on the server etc), the connection won't be restored (this is called "Graceful TCP shutdown").

  Text isn't automatically scrolled up in the terminal window
Make sure you have "Scroll Lock" turned off. If "Scroll Lock" is on (the corresponding led on your keyboard is lit up), text in the Private Shell terminal window won't be scrolled up automatically (you can still use vertical scrollbar to scroll it yourself).

  Cannot connect to the server with public key
If you are sure that the server accepts key authentication and you have more than one key enabled for this server, leave just one key. Some servers do not allow multiple keys being submitted and refuse a connection if the first key is invalid.

  Private Shell doesn't allow public key authentication when I connect with CVS
This is a known bug fixed in version 1.4. Upgrade to the latest version.

  How can I connect to more than one CVS server through Private Shell?
This can be a problem at the first sight since both Private Shell and CVS use some environment variables to specify several connection parameters. But there is a very simple workaround. Please refer to the How to use Private Shell with CVS topic.

  When I run CVS from the command line I get the next message: "cvs is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file".
Please verify that CVS is properly installed on your computer. Try to install the latest version (you can get it from Do not forget to reboot your machine after CVS and Private Shell installation and configuration.

  When I run CVS from the command line I get the black screen and nothing happens.
If you use a password protected public key with CVS profile, it have to be put into Private Shell Key Agent. Otherwise any attempt to use it will require to enter a password, but you will not see such a request because of CVS nature. Also, please test the connection before you are going to use it with CVS.

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